Helps in jasmine plant cultivation.

Aquaponics settings for small houses.

Size Clay Pot + Potting Mixture + Vegetable Seedling.

tissue culture of all plants in bulk for the orders from nursaries and bulk farmers .tissue culture of anthuriums , orchids and adeniums for nursary and plantation plants in advance orders..

Dairy farm labour we are Recruiting Farm Labours for-agri-farms-Dairy farms-plantations-Green Housefor various work such as weeding/manuring/watering/planting/harvesting work/cow milking/feeding/cleaning and all related agriculture worksWe help to recruit a couple or individual-Minimum for one year Guarantee agreement,Ihrma.blogspot.com8248284664,9487002125.

ONSITE AQUARIUMS Manufactures of High Quality Custom Aquariums The Art of Aquarium Decorating Rentals Statewide Maintenance Contact GreenLeaf Team.

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