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Two buffalo പോത്ത്

Coleus cutting for sale


ഒരു പാട് ജോഡി love birds കൊടുക്കൻ ഉണ്ട് .നല്ല പ്രൈസ് നു നൽകുന്നതാണ് .പ്ളീസ് കോണ്ടാക്ട് whatsapp നമ്പർ 0097336324800

we have 15 tons of tapioca ready to harvest, interested person can call me at 

Selling rabbits for meat@260/kg

Rabbits for rearing 300 which is one month old

First Quality  Product ,  Good Color  Product,  Dried in  Tray Dryer  Machine

Rabbit small-200(pair)

Red eyed white rabbits-300(pair)

Big ones-300(for 1)


Karuthedathu Organics care deeply about the environment and are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature. We use only organic growing practices for plants and livestock care and integrate sustainable protocols into every decision we make. Quality drives all that we do. We have scoured the globe to source the very best seeds and supplies. Local flora and fauna are the integral part of the farm mainstock. We pour our hearts into cultivating some of the finest crops on Earth. We are focused on bringing the goodness of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and gourmet farm-fresh spices to our customers. Our gourmet whole spices smell and taste fresher than store-bought products as we work in small batches, ensuring that the spices are stored correctly and quickly shipped to you in the specialized air and light-proof packaging, though it might not look glossy & shiny as we process it naturally, mostly dried under sunlight and no chemicals are used what so ever…

Karuthedathu Organics is now ‘THE’ name to reckon in farm and livestock visit in Kerala, having more than 100 varieties of fruits, herbs, shrubs, crops and ayurvedic medicinal plants making it the preferred ‘Botanical Garden’ for students from colleges, schools and researchers. The itinerant traveler on a quest to be with mother nature will find soul space with us.

We’re away from it all… but close enough for easy access (15 minutes drive from Kochi Infopark & Wonderla and 30 minutes drive from Kochi Airport). Come, visit us and stay with us in the exclusive chalets to behold the beauty in your eyes..

Kadaknath കരിങ്കോഴി for sale.

Rs 850/ hen

മുട്ടയിടുന്ന കരിങ്കോഴി പിടകൾ 

6 months old nadan poovan for sale. Rs 400/piece

2.5 acre Farm land for lease . 

Coconut farm .  Chira , koona and pana . 

Ideal for farming banana , vegetable and fish farming . 

Road and river side . 


Karim kozhi

Nadan kozhi

And its egg

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