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3 Big Goats in which one is Jamna Pyari and 2 medium sized and 2 small childrens

One Goat is pregnant

4 goats for sale at Rs35000/-  Includes 2 goats and 2 lambs ( 8 months, 1 male ).. 

4 Malabari goats for sale. 2 female and 2 lambs (each 8 months old, 1 male). 

2 female goat for sale pls contact 9912250859,


All India agricultural TATA fencing company9746467999

Small farm 5goays for sale all pregnant waiting delivery this month

We put our whole hearts into growing the most nutrient dense, healthy organic grass finished beef.Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it sounds.When we improve how our ecosystem works, our soils improve over time, and our animals get healthier by eating the grass that the soils grow. There are no shortcuts!As we improve our ecosystem, our whole ecosystem responds in a more dynamic way which produces better food for you and your family.Our beef is the very best food we can grow. This is the food that we eat and the food that we feed our children.

(അഴിച്ചുവിട്ടു വളർത്തിയ കോഴിയും താറാവും അതിന്റെ മുട്ടകളും )Proudly launching free-range products from your neighbourhood farm to your dining table.The food you eat can affect your health and your risk for certain diseases. To eat healthier food, you may need to decide what you eat. The mission of Daily Farm Fresh is to bring back the nostalgic old way of free-range environment-friendly farming and to create a new face to the food culture around. We also would like to extend this opportunity to other farmers to join this nostalgic food culture to improve the eating habits of the society. We strongly believe that free range organic produce will contribute to a strong and healthy generation ahead. We also would like to enable other farmers to join this platform to make agriculture profitable and sustainable.We are also committed to mother earth by packing our produce in palm tree trays. We ensure that our produce is scientifically managed and quality tested by professionals.We hope for the wider support from our online followers and together let&rsquo;s make this a great mission!<em>&bull; To remain socially committed, when you order online, we will be keeping aside Rs.10 per order for feeding the hungry and destitute.</em><em>&bull; We are only delivering to the Ernakulam area and will be expanding it in the future. Our current coverage includes the following postal codes.</em>

14 months old female goat for sale near payyannur genuine buyers only

1 ഏകദേശം പത്ത് മാസം പ്രായം സ്ഥലം ചാലക്കുടി പൂലാനിയിൽ ചാലക്കുടി മാർക്കറ്റിൽ നിന്നും 7 കിലോമീറ്റർ വെട്ടുകടവ് റോഡ് വഴി


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