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HF cow 9 month pregnant for sale ,Expected. price 70000


കടിഞ്ഞൂല്‍ jersey പശു April 26 നു   9 മാസം തികയും  @ 70000

പത്തനംതിട്ട ജില്ല :  എഴുമറ്റൂർ,മല്ലപ്പള്ളി,റാന്നി

ഫോൺ : 8547194338

Naadan cows for sale( one female cow and 10 days old calf) in Thirupuram, Kanjiramkulam ,Trivandrum. The cows are well maintained with proper hygiene .

The price is ₹60000 for both the cows. Price is negotiable. Interested people please contact  9496816919

Naadan pashu( one female cow and 7 days old calf) for sale in Thirupuram, Kanjiramkulam Trivandrum.

The cows are well maintained with proper hygiene.

Cow dung is available for sale

Cow Dung Available. 

Diary farm for rent. 30 + cows capacity,automatic drinking system,

1 acre grass field, workers accommodation,food storage romm.

pls contact Thulaseedharan - 9746098729

All India agricultural TATA fencing company9746467999

All India agricultural TATA fencing9746467999

We undertake turnkey projects for Milk,Ice cream,Curd,Cheese,Juice,Paneer,flavor Milk etc.. Email;, contact ; Mr. Packiaraj 91-9940004599,9940004597,9940004595 Company Location: <a spellcheck="false" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" dir="auto" href=";v=9ur5z4HytEs&amp;event=video_description&amp;redir_token=KCBmPArKPJUf29SxRhDfb3c3aON8MTU4MTY1MzcxNUAxNTgxNTY3MzE1"></a>

We put our whole hearts into growing the most nutrient dense, healthy organic grass finished beef.Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it sounds.When we improve how our ecosystem works, our soils improve over time, and our animals get healthier by eating the grass that the soils grow. There are no shortcuts!As we improve our ecosystem, our whole ecosystem responds in a more dynamic way which produces better food for you and your family.Our beef is the very best food we can grow. This is the food that we eat and the food that we feed our children.

we are Recruiting Farm Labours for-agri-farms-Dairy farms-plantations-Green Housefor various work such as weeding/manuring/watering/planting/harvesting work/cow milking/feeding/cleaning and all related agriculture worksWe help to recruit a couple or individual-Minimum for one year Guarantee agreement,Ihrma.blogspot.com8248284664,9487002125

Original kasaragod dwarf cows for sale9446697153 contact

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