നാടൻ ഉണക്ക കുരുമുളക് 


Pure organic black pepper produced from native home.Very hygienic and superior quality.Available from 500 gm packet onwards.



Clean and super dried kudampuly, treated with good quality gingely oil and salt as preservatives. No extraneous matter. Homely prepared with utmost care

Price Rs300/kg

quantity -10 kg


Organically cultivated pepper, mostly Panniyur 1, for sale . Dried, seived and free from any extraneous matter

Price 400/Kg

Quantity -20 kg


Kasturi Manjal for sale. Organically cultivated.


Robusta Coffee Double Roasted Bean &amp; Powder കാപ്പി കുരുവും പൊടിയും</p>.

Dried panniyur 1 and karimunda Pepper</p>.

Ready to use packed organic cardamomഏലക്ക</p>.

Organic farm dried Nutmeg. Spices made from the seed of a tropical tree. Used to addflavour to food.Sweet and Nutty flavoured nutmeg.Highly rich in medicinal value. Subtle peppery taste in the dishes</p>.

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