Fresh Tapioca For sale arround 2 ton</p>.

Fresh Tapioca For sale arround 2 ton</p>.

All India tata fencing company</p>9746467999</p>.

50 mood Kappa for sale(average 3-4 kg)</p>.

Nadan kachil(white)</p>.

Dear Customer,</p></p>Welcome to Mercury Chemical Consultant Group!</p></p>Are you having problem andspending too much just to clean your deface currency? You are at the right place now*</p>I am Jerry Will, Technician by profession, working with Mercury Chemical Consultant Group. We manufacture and sell all materials used in treating and cleaning of any types of Defaced Currency, Pounds, CFA France, Euros Dollars and other Currencies. We offer machines to do the big cleanings and we do delivery of products to customer&rsquo;s Country/Home.</p></p>There is no risk to be taken in working with us because we use a computerized cleansing Detergent with qualified and experience Technicians, we also work on PERCENTAGE. If required, I request you to contact with the details below:</p></p>TAKE NOTE: Our Technicians are ever ready to come to your Country/Home for the service.</p>Contact us immediately for inquiries and Solutions.******************************************</p>Asia Office</p>Name: JERRY WILL</p>WeChat: techjerry7</p>WhatsApp OR Call: 00919582553320</p>Email:</p>MERCURY CHEMICAL SENIOR TECHNICIAN</p>London Office</p>Name: Dr. Rooney Deo</p>E-mail:</p>MERCURY CHEMICAL LAB COORDINATOR*****************************************</p>.

Hi,</p>Home cultivated Chembu(English Name: Colacasia) grown in an organic way is available.</p>Rate is Rs.50 per kg.Totally 5 kgs are available.</p>Interested people can come and collect from our location.</p>Regards,</p>Sasankan</p>.

<strong>Fresh nadan kappa for immediate sale (one acre) near vellarada, trivandrum. Pls contact 9349141098</strong></p>.

One acre land kappa ready to sell...</p>.

Farm: Tapioca( kappa )</p>Land:50 Cents</p>Species:manjanoorutan</p>Stem Count:700</p>.

Kappa From Piravom</p>.

good quality organic kappa. Nearly 1500kg. Ready to harvest</p></p></p></p>.

Tapioca available for sale .Good quality and less cooking time.Fresh from Garden.(Wholesale and retail)</p>.

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