Hi, well grown-up Tapioca, directly from farm land, naturally grown-up, free from pesticides. Located in pathanamthitta, kerala.Export quality Tapioca, More than 10 tonne available. Those who interested can visit the farm land.Contact 9539121610.

500 kg kappa.plse contact 9447790417.

1500 KG fresh kappa available for sale at Kottayam.

Yellow M4 variety fresh Kappa for sale.Negotiable . Contact no - 9447261602.

<h3><strong>FRESH TAPIOCA AVAILABLE approximate 1000 Kg -Contact Number -8086688068</strong></h3>.

Fresh Tapioca For sale arround 2 ton.

Hi,Home cultivated Chembu(English Name: Colacasia) grown in an organic way is available.Rate is Rs.50 per kg.Totally 5 kgs are available.Interested people can come and collect from our location.Regards,Sasankan.

<strong>Fresh nadan kappa for immediate sale (one acre) near vellarada, trivandrum. Pls contact 9349141098</strong>.

One acre land kappa ready to sell....

80 White kachil.

12kg White kachil No pesticides , no chemical fertilizers.

2 ton പൊളിച്ച് ,കഴുകി, വാട്ടി പാറമേൽ ഉണങ്ങിയെടുത്ത നാടൻ വാട്ടുകപ്പ.

50 taste as potato.

250 plants ഏകദേശം 250 ചുവടു കപ്പ, നല്ല രുചി യുള്ളതു, ഒട്ടും കയ്പ്പ് ഇല്ലത്തു വില്പനക്ക്..

2000 kg 2000 kg pacha kappa at koodalloor near Ettumanoor and Pala.

100 KG ABOVE 100 percent natural product. veetil chanakam upayogichu swanthamayi krishi cheyytha koova kizhanu..mothamaayi edukkan thalparyamullavar cont cheyyuka.

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