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Turmeric powder(Wayanadan manjal).A product of Zero Budget Natural Farming. Dried and powdered. Pure and hygienic. No pesticide residue. Medicinal



മുളകിന്റെ കുരിടിപ്പിന് ഒരു സിദ്ധൌഷധം. പച്ചമരുന്നുകളാൽ തയ്യാർ ചെയ്ത വൃക്ഷായ്യുർവേദ കഷായ മരുന്ന്. 2g per/L



Naturally grown Vazhakulakal. One kula is 200/- only. Weight 10 kilo and more. You can come and select as per your choice.


Hi, well grown-up Tapioca, directly from farm land, naturally grown-up, free from pesticides. Located in pathanamthitta, kerala.</p>Export quality Tapioca, More than 10 tonne available. Those who interested can visit the farm land.</p>Contact 9539121610</p>.

Only vechoor cow



Irachi kada vilpanak</p>.

<h4><u><strong>Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap</strong></u></h4>Our Trap is scientifically designed by our R&amp;D Team depending upon the Fruit fly flying pattern and colour attraction and is Design Patent Protected.</p>The Trap is simple to assemble and hook in every farm field, it is easy to use and easy to remove the captured dead flies so it is easy to maintain.</p>As the trap is very sturdily built to combat against UV light, Rain water, heavy wind blows, colour degradation so the trap can be used for multi-season.</p>The Container can hold upto 5400 dead flies.</p>Our Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap can be used to attract and trap pests of the<em>Bactrocera dorsalis</em>with 83 sub species. Commonly known as Fruit Fly, it is a major pest of high risk and causes damages upto 100% pre-harvest damage. Moreover, this pest cannot be controlled by any pesticide as there is no pesticide developed.</p>We recommend farmers to use during cultivation of all fruit Crops.</p>.

All India tata fencing company</p>9746467999</p>.

Turmericand especially its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer&#39;s and cancer. It&#39;s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. So this is a good product for customers.</p>.

Home grown</p>.

Organic Marichini kelanku in 3 acre land will be ready to harvest in 2 months. Anyone interested can contact.</p>.

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