35 ,70സെന്റ് സ്ഥലങ്ങൾ.

ആശുപത്രി,ആരാധനാലയങ്ങൾ, വിദ്യാലയങ്ങൾ 1km പരിധിയിൽ.

വെള്ളം,വഴി,വൈദ്യുതി സൗകര്യങ്ങൾ.

Mob: 7558988159


43 cents of cultivable land at Chengara. Three side compound wall with iron gate.</p>Please contact through Whatsapp +1 267 984 2905.</p>.

43 cents of fertile land good for farming at Chengara, Pathanamthitta Dist. It has three side compound wall with iron gate.</p>Please contact Whatsapp +1 267 984 2905.</p>.

175 cent rubber estate sale in thiruvalla kaviyoor.electricity and water facilities are available in this area.</p>.

All India tata fencing company</p>9746467999</p>.

All India TATA fencing company chainlink barbed wire fencing</p>Consantina coil fencing all Type agricultural fencing available</p>9746467999</p>.

തൃശ്ശൂർ ജില്ലയിൽ ആട് ഫാം തുടങ്ങാൻ 25സെന്റ് സ്ഥലം ലീസിന് ആവശ്യമുണ്ട്.</p>PH: 9605363436</p>.

50 cent AL , suitable for any kind of farming,even for hosue building, road access,water &amp; power available , urgent sale</p>.

Global International Lab Solution (G.I.L.S)</p>We are one of the fastest growing money cleaning company in the worldwide, and as our company is still growing, we do cater for individuals and small companies. We specialized in cleaning anti breeze bank notes and stained black money with SSD solution chemical. We are direct manufacturer and main supplier of all kinds of chemicals</p>We also sell SSD Automatic chemicals, ssd Universal Chemical solution . our expert team consists of specialist scientists as well as laboratory technicians with well-trained knowledge in as specialized in the field. We now serve in the USA, UAE, UK, Europe, Middle East, North and South Asia, India, Pakistan, Oman African Dubai, Turkey just to mentioned a few with over 24 offices worldwide..We have different types of chemicals that can perfectly clean out your Deface note, Black note , Red notes , Green notes , Stained notes , Stamped notes and also coded notes. We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our services are professional We thus Provide legal document for all our products.</p>PRODUCTS AVAILABLE:</p>SSD Chemical Solution, Activation Powder/ Anti Virus, Automatic black money Cleaning Machine, Mercury Powder, Humine Powder, SSD Supreme Solution, SSD universal Solution SSD Solution PK 58, SSD Topix solution. SSD Castro X Liquid. Oxide solution, Tebi ssdhz powder, Tebi-SSd Solution</p>WE HAVE OUR REPRESENTATIVES IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AROUND THE GLOBEHence, From these locations we are able to offer our services worldwide</p>ADDRESS : Address: 3200 Massachusetts Avenue, NWWashington DC 20008 USADirect Mobile Number +1 240 7477731</p>ADDRESS : Address: 7/8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,New Delhi, Delhi, Code 110021Instant Msg Receive At WhatssApp +919667740501</p>ADDRESS : Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram,Code: 560055 Bengaluru, Karnataka IndiaInstant Msg Receive At WhatssApp +919667740501</p>EMAIL US : globalinternationallab@yahoo.comEMAIL US :</p>CONTACT OUR PROTOCOL OFFICER FOR ALL YOUR INQUIRIESDr Woody HarrelsonInstant Msg Receive At WhatssApp +919667740501</p>OUR SERVICE 24HRS IN ALL COUNTRY AND STATES REPRESENTATIVES AVAILABLE</p>.

Nearly 1 acre agriculural land. Can be cultivate rice in 3 seasons. No water scarcity</p>.

70 സെന്റ് സ്ഥലം.</p>വറ്റാത്ത വെള്ളം, വഴി,വൈദ്യുതി, ആശുപത്രി, വിദ്യാലയം എന്നീ സൗകര്യങ്ങൾ .</p>സെന്റിന് Rs:90000</p>.

ചിക്കൻ poultry ഫാം leasinu അല്ലെങ്കിൽ വാടകക്ക് കൊടുക്കാൻ താൽപര്യം ഉള്ളവർ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ അറിയിക്കുക</p>eight zero 89511826</p>.

കൃഷി ഭൂമി ലീസിനോ വാങ്ങാനോ താല്പര്യം ഉണ്ട്.</p>എറണാകുളം ജില്ലയില് കുറുപ്പം പടിയ്ക്ക് അടുത്താണെങ്കില് കൂടുതല് ഉപകാരമായിരിക്കും ബന്ധപ്പെടുക</p>മനു</p>80 50 866 939</p>.

5 murikalulla machitta veed polichu vilpanakku</p>.

We would like to lease our 3 acres land with coconut treesand1 BHK house. Water facility is available. Please reach out to us on 9497741221 or</p>.

We are a group of 4 young persons who are very much interested in farming , we require a Land of 5-15 acres, required for farming purpose.</p>Land should have sufficient facilities for water and electricity throughout the year, and lodging facility for laborers will be very much appreciated.</p></p></p>.

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