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Looking for technological support for production of organic manure.


Vermi compost (black gold)</p>Manirraa compost</p></p></p>.

Vermi compost (black gold)</p>Manirraa compost</p></p></p>.

High quality paultry manure</p>.

High quality cow dung</p>.

ഗുഡ് ക്വാളിറ്റി നീറ്റുകക്ക</p>10 kg പാക്കറ്റ്</p>.

<h2>CBC Rubber Mix</h2>India&rsquo;s first special organic manure for rubber</p><ul><li>Miraculous improvement in yield within 60* days of usage</li><li>Sizable increase in DRC and sustainable increase in productivity</li><li>Protects against leaf fall disease, powdery mil dew, leaf disease, pink disease, Bark rot &amp; pests</li></ul><h3><strong>Usage</strong></h3><ul><li>Before tapping &ndash; 500g &ndash; 1 kg</li><li>While tapping &ndash; 1 kg &ndash; 2 kg</li></ul>.

CBC PLANTAIN MIX enhances the growth and thus ensures surplus yield.</p>Protects from Nematodes, Stem borer, Bacterial disease, Viral diseases, Fungal disease.</p><strong>Usage:</strong></p><ul><li>While planting root stock Mix 250 gm. with the soil.</li><li>After 30 days &ndash; 500 gm</li><li>After 60 days &ndash; 500 gm</li><li>After 90 days &ndash; 500 gm</li><li>After 120 days &ndash; 250 gm</li></ul>.

CBC Ferti-Cide for all crops is a revolutionary combination of Organic fertilizers with organic pesticides.</p><strong>Low cost &amp; high productivity</strong></p>With the objective of yielding high productivity with less quantity, CBC Ferti-Cide was fortified with saturated organic fertilisers. Since CBC Ferti-Cide is manufactured using Aero Booster it easily gets dissolved with the soil and gives high yield.</p><strong>Features</strong></p><ul><li>Yields fruits that are not harmful to the man.</li><li>Continuous usage of CBC Ferti-Cide for a period of 3 years results in high yield and resistance to disease.</li><li>High quality control</li><li>CBC contains 70% growth elements and 30% disease resisting elements</li><li>CBC Ferti-Cide for all crops is a revolutionary combination of Organic fertilizers with organic pesticides</li></ul><strong>Usage:</strong></p><ul><li>Paddy &ndash; 150 Kg per Acre</li><li>Arecanut &ndash; 1.5 Kg to 2.5 Kg</li><li>Plantain &ndash; 2 Kg to 3Kg</li><li>Coffee &ndash; 150 Kg per Acre</li><li>Vegetables &ndash; 300 Kg per Acre</li><li>Tobacco &ndash; 350 Kg per Acre</li><li>Pepper &ndash; 250 gm (Per creeper)</li><li>Sugarcane &ndash; 750 Kg per Acre</li><li>Tea plantation &ndash; 450 Kg per Acre</li><li>Tapioca &ndash; 200 Kg per Acre</li><li>Pineapple, Clove, Ginger, Turmeric &ndash; 400Kg per Acre</li><li>Mango tree, Cashew tree &ndash; 1 Kg to 2 Kg</li></ul>.

CBC Coconut Mix is a scientific natural formulation for coconuts offering macro and micro nutrients, pest control, life span lengthening and immuno fortification.</p>CBC Coconut mix not only provides balanced nutrition for the tree but also fortifies the plant immuno system to prevent diseases like &ldquo;Chennerolippu&rdquo;, leaf decay, yellowing and falling of tender nuts. Within 3 months of use of Coconut Mix there is conclusive evidence of total relief from yellowing.</p>It contains natural pesticide &ldquo;Azadiractin&rdquo; which offers excellent pest control. It improves soil&rsquo;s air circulation helping roots to grow and improves Nitrogen absorption.</p><strong>Usage</strong></p><ul><li>3 months to 1 year &ndash; per &frac12; kg to 1kg</li><li>2 years to 4 years &ndash; per 2kg to 4kg</li><li>From 5 years &ndash; per 5kg to 8kg</li><li>Diseased Items &ndash; per 8kg to 10 kg</li></ul>.

നല്ല ഉണങ്ങിയ വേയ്സ്റ്റ് ഇല്ലാത്ത ചാണകപ്പൊടി ഒരു പാട്ട 30 രൂപ മാത്രം</p>.

<h4><u><strong>Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap</strong></u></h4>Our Trap is scientifically designed by our R&amp;D Team depending upon the Fruit fly flying pattern and colour attraction and is Design Patent Protected.</p>The Trap is simple to assemble and hook in every farm field, it is easy to use and easy to remove the captured dead flies so it is easy to maintain.</p>As the trap is very sturdily built to combat against UV light, Rain water, heavy wind blows, colour degradation so the trap can be used for multi-season.</p>The Container can hold upto 5400 dead flies.</p>Our Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap can be used to attract and trap pests of the<em>Bactrocera dorsalis</em>with 83 sub species. Commonly known as Fruit Fly, it is a major pest of high risk and causes damages upto 100% pre-harvest damage. Moreover, this pest cannot be controlled by any pesticide as there is no pesticide developed.</p>We recommend farmers to use during cultivation of all fruit Crops.</p>.

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