Duck & hen

4 month old flying duck for sale.Rupees for one flying duck 700.

Contact or Whatsapp 7025395369


Male and female goose for saleAdult egg laying female goose-2Pair male gooseHouse guardingAthani-near airport junction9745964033.

Grama see poovan 6 months old for sale.

Nadan kozhi um kunjungalum,karimkozhi @ nearthrissur town..

10 BV380 കോഴികൾ, 8 മാസം ആയി മുട്ട ഇടുന്ന 10 കോഴികൾ.

3 month old karim kozhi kutti for sale 7012394889.

ഇറച്ചിക്ക് പാകമായ 3 നാടൻ കോഴികൾ.

Karinkozhi(6 months old) for sale ...7 numbersRS.1250/oneFor bulk RS.1000/one.(all 7 together).

Nadan kozhi um kunjangalum,karimkozhi @ nearthrissur town..

Kuttanadan Tharavu.

Day old to all types chicks available.

Kaada kozhi- female 3 week old,male from 3 week,Day old,kaada mutta vilkapedum..

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