One month old mutta kozhi for sale.

Chihuahua for sale.

3 year aged Kasaragod kullan cow for sale ₹ 33000/-.

Domestic homely rabbits for sale.

Pure Murrah Male Buffalos from Haryana for Sale. Murrah Buffalo is the most productive water Buffalo breed. These buffaloes are resistant to diseases and easily adapts to South Indian climatic conditions. Provision for negotiation. This breed is of shortage in market due to COVID..

A small calf for sale ..Black and white ,Energetic one..Good condition,well Healthy.

A kasargod kullan cow having 1.5 liter milk with a 4month old calf.Ph: 9633007441.

HF Cow, 9 Month Pregnant, First Delivery @ May Last week


08 months old...

Beagle and pug puppies for sale.beagle male two & tri color available.pug male and female available


Murra bull / pure breed / with certificate/age :33monthsWeight 500kg.

30 kg malabari muttan 10 months old8547773841.

3 മലബാറി മുട്ടൻ വില്പനയ്ക്ക് പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്ന വില 35000 സ്ഥലം Kozhencherry, Thiruvalla, Ranny, Pathanamtitta, Mb 9446113763<img height="16" width="16" alt="????" src="" /><img height="16" width="16" alt="????" src="" /><img height="16" width="16" alt="????" src="" /> &mdash; in<a role="link" tabindex="0" href="[0]=AZV01lWvP_QBKKNRLtRByBsh_QtO1kMdvzK6Vi9dq8DlFXmM-rwRmvML1vaZrKJnjZR6BPkCP6JbkzUhkcuseyCRn1UHj6mkakW947AmzQJaYQQWbq16yfFvJjIM0Wx0fitEz218kjChklKKiX6FKENUj2N2RryJ95faGwo7eVTnMg&amp;__tn__=kK-y-RPathanamthitta.


Oru masam chena olla nadan pashu .veliya chelavu ellathe kashtapadu koravil nokkam ..

Healthy Male calf 1.5year old.

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