Hi Tech Poultry Farm for Sale or Lease
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Hi Tech Poultry Farm for Sale or Lease

Roji Cherian , Goodshephereds Farms Koorachudu. , Kozhikode


Price Rs. 300000/-

Don’t miss out this great opportunity for a wonderful investments and a regular income . it's a Licence Poultry Farm and beautifully landscaped property started in 2011 with in 2 Acre land. Selling -As Owner Settled Abroad (Sydney -Australia) This lot is ideal for poultry Farm and Kennels and Mixed Farming . 9000 Sqft Area Floor Area Permanent Poultry Shed with Concrete Floor...




John Isaac



Hi Roji, I have gone through your above Hi-Tech poultry farm with all amenities having 2 acres land and yes I am interested. Is this still available and how to proceed further. Please do email to me for further discussions. Thanks & Regards, John Isaac

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